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When you support the Carly May Foundation, you support organizations that provide life-changing programs and resources to those with Down syndrome.



“For the past five years, the Carly May Foundation has been instrumental in the growth of Jack’s Basket. Because of their generous support, we’ve been able to expand our basket program and diagnosis advocacy work across the nation, reaching more medical providers and celebrating more babies with Down syndrome. Carly May’s life and legacy has impacted all of us for the better and we are truly humbled to be able to spread her love to new families through the work we do at Jack’s Basket. Thank you to all those that support the Carly May Foundation, together we are changing the way the world welcomes and celebrates babies with Down syndrome.”


-Carissa L. Carroll, Founder and Executive Director, Jack’s Basket

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“Many great things begin with a story. For children and families at the M Health Fairview Masonic Children's Hospital who are able to remain connected with each other over video while they are hospitalized, that story begins with Carly May. Carly and her family were the first to help us explore the use of a basic video conferencing cart to connect people who were not in the same building. The experience helped them through a difficult time and sparked a desire to make this service even better and available to more families. The Carly May Foundation provided the first gift to make videoconferencing for patients and families a reality. Their gift inspired others to also give generously. Thus, the ability for a hospitalized child and their family to stay connected was born. To say this has made a difference is an understatement! It’s a paradigm shift. Videoconferencing allows the parent at home be part of good night tuck-ins at the hospital and remain connected with their child’s care. The home doctor can be part of rounds and prepare for the child coming home. Children in the hospital can participate in everything from math class to graduation to a family picnic or a sibling’s birthday celebration. 

The Carly May Foundation has continued to expand its support, providing funding to connect moms on the antepartum unit, connect all the NICU’s and Birthplaces throughout the M Health Fairview system and signing on as a cornerstone partner for the Zucker Family Suite and Broadcast Studio. Plus, the Carly May Foundation has helped the Pediatric Rehab program purchase child sized and adaptive equipment to meet the special needs of all patients. 

When hospital restrictions started in spring 2020, the Zucker Suite and Broadcast Studio created additional shows and content and maintained a 24/7 schedule. To support the children and families utilizing the Zucker Family Suite and Broadcast Studio, we have hired an additional child life specialist and child life associate. We are continuing to build out more programming and utilize technology as a copy tool with patients 1:1. We are so grateful for the significant funding the Carly May Foundation has invested in ZTV! Having access to this vital resource has been critical, especially during the pandemic, for the health and wellbeing of patients and families alike.

For well over a decade, because of the Carly May Foundation, thousands of critically ill children and their families have been able to stay connected at the time they need it most.”

-Jennifer Foss, Senior Development Officer, M Health Fairview Masonic Children's Hospital


“Carly May Foundation’s support of our progressive and purposeful programs is invaluable in helping GiGi’s fill a critical niche for thousands in our metro community; moving us closer to our vision of offering everyone with Down syndrome the opportunity to grow up with GiGi’s!”

-Katherine Rebstock, Programs Manager, GiGi’s Playhouse – Twin Cities


“Down syndrome Foundation is a volunteer Minnesota non-profit whose funding goes directly toward the Down Syndrome Camp. This overnight camp is for children and young adults with Down syndrome. At Camp, new friendships are forged through shared camp experiences with the unforgettable adventure of being away from home. The Carly May Foundation has graciously supported horseback riding, waterfront activities, arts and crafts and assisted in providing scholarships for campers.”

-Shari Williams - Down syndrome Foundation

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