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Carly May Harris

Our daughter arrived six weeks early at 3.6 pounds, 16.5 inches long. We had been given a pre-natal diagnosis of Down Syndrome at 22 weeks. Carly had a rare translocation in which one of the 21st chromosomes had two long arms and the other 21st chromosome was normal. We asked all the questions including, "What does this mean for her and us?"


In the beginning we wanted all the answers but nobody was able to answer these for us...but for the 2 years, 9 months and 18 days that Carly was alive she was answering that question for us and we did not know it. She was teaching us and sending us a message.


Carly had a love for life and a will to survive. She was quite the social girl who loved many things. She persevered over many difficult hurdles and overcame so much. Her ability to forgive and end most situations with a smile still amazes us today. We are so proud of Carly and feel honored to call her our daughter.


Carly was a wondrous gift, a gift that required much of us. Throughout her life, we were challenged to find strength and endurance we did not know we possessed. There were many dark and pain-staking moments with all her medical complications but being in her presence and seeing Carly smile made us only fight harder. We owed her nothing less because she had never given us less. We made every attempt to make her life as normal as any child although she was always tethered by some sort of tube or wire. But, Carly took it all in stride without complaint. Not understanding did not stop her from living life, smiling, laughing and rejoicing that she was alive.


She taught us so many valuable lessons in life and we strive to pay those forward. She taught us that true love inspires sacrifice. We desperately long to have our Carly back with us healthy and happy. There is so much left undone. So many dreams that could not be. But, we know her work here on earth is complete. We want Carly to always be remembered, for her life gave purpose to ours. Carly will continue to guide us and inspire us with her strength and courage.


We Love & Miss You!

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