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Many great things begin with a story. For children and families at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital who are able to remain connected with each other over video while they are hospitalized, that story begins with Carly May. Carly and her family were the first to help us explore the use of a basic video conferencing cart to connect people who were not in the same building. The experience helped them through a difficult time and sparked a desire to make this service even better and available to more families. The Carly May Foundation provided the first gift to make videoconferencing for patients and families a reality. Their gift inspired others to also give generously. Thus, the ability for a hospitalized child and their family to stay connected was born. To say this has made a difference is an understatement! It’s a paradigm shift. Videoconferencing allows the parent at home be part of good night tuck-ins at the hospital and remain connected with their child’s care. The home doctor can be part of rounds and prepare for the child coming home. Children in the hospital can participate in everything from math class to graduation to a family picnic or a siblings birthday celebration. Because of the Carly May Foundation, thousands of critically ill children and their families are able to stay connected at the time they need it most.


Thank you


Jen Foss, Development Officer, U of M Masonic Children’s Hospital

Jason Albrecht, Manager of Patient Interactive Services, U of M Masonic Children’s Hospital