Children's Therapy Center, Inc.

Children’s Therapy Center, Inc. provides Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy for children with physical, developmental and sensory processing disorders. We want to express our gratitude to the Carly May Foundation for the generosity of the work they have done. With the funds they donated we were able to buy therapy Equipment that is unique to this population. We also were able to obtain toys, bikes, ipads that typical children use. This equipment has allowed us to provide activities to enable our kids the opportunity to participate in activities and self-care skills that would be typical of their peers... >>Read More<< 

U of M Masonic Children's Hospital

Many great things begin with a story. For children and families at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital who are able to remain connected with each other over video while they are hospitalized, that story begins with Carly May. Carly and her family were the first to help us explore the use of a basic video conferencing cart to connect people who were not in the same building. The experience helped them through a difficult time and sparked a desire to make this service even better and available to more families... >>Read More<<